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L 'decades of experience, gained mainly with schools, has allowed us to become leaders in the field of school tourism, taking advantage of specialized guides registered Albo AIGAE of the Molise Region and professional employees with proven experience in conducting school groups.

The tourist offer of Alto Molise, mainly due to the presence of: pristine natural environment, history, culture, traditions, is particularly suitable and attractive for educational trips for schools of all levels.

The courses are designed to give students the opportunity to learn while having fun, knowing the natural attractions of the Molise, historical, archaeological, artistic, sports and food and wine.

The routes of our catalog Planet Nature, of one or more days are meant for all schools and pay particular attention to the protection that the host will appreciate a student-Region.

Leaf through our on-line catalogue "In viaggio ragazzi... Pianeta Natura" 2016/2017 for educational tourism, didactics and sport