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genuine, a true masterpiece!

Our Cuisine, gourmet flavour which never fades

With natural and  genuine products from the mountain – the same for centuries – the kitchen of Hotel Capracotta  prepares truly authentic  delights.  It is not a question of recovering ancient flavours:  in the Molise Highlands, they simply were never lost. And our indigenous chefs know this: the first culinary notions were learnt in their mother’s kitchen. Products in use come from a healthy territory where the culture of eco-sustainable farming has never ended.  Our cows graze freely; milk, cheese, legumes, meat, these are the simple and healthy ingredients we use seasoned with the richest tradition of flavours and aromas  carried on today by the expertise of those who do not want to lose one of the most precious gifts of this land: its genuineness.

Restaurant “Il Ginepro”

Our restaurant is named “Il Ginepro” with more than one dining room furnished as the typical plain mountain style which includes a fireplace.  A warm and friendly ambience, it offers total comfort and independent services: telephone, terrace, solarium, seating capacity up to 300 people for ceremonies and special occasions.
This is the right place if you want to feel you are a privileged guest and try our best dishes.
Our restaurant offers glutine-free cuisine.