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hurrah to nature! hurrah to colors and scents!

Hotel Capracotta and Albergo Conte Max in summer

Far from the city traffic and immersed in the natural setting of  Molise, Hotel Capracotta  and Albergo Conte Max are a haven of tranquility and a perfect starting point when practicing outdoor mountain activities such as trekking, horse riding and mountain biking.

The Italian Alpine Club trails and those listed on town-hall maps and by the Mountain Consortium are true monuments to the greenness of a land which is still crossed today by the grand Livestock Migration Trails: grass paths up to  110 meters wide have seen herds migrating from Abruzzo to Puglia for centuries.

One can choose to go horse riding, either short or long rides, thanks to two distinct centers (Staffoli and Carovilli) which can be reached by car, from the hotel, within fifteen-twenty minutes.
These centers also offer horse riding courses for beginners and children.

Soccer, tennis and other sports activities can be practiced thanks to public facilities available in Capracotta. A family environment with all necessary comforts, as seen through the beauty of the surrounding landscape, shall provide physical and mental tranquility. Heartfelt hospitality and fine cuisine shall make the most of your vacation.