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A haven for every one!

Capracotta is a municipality which belongs to the province of Isernia located near the border of Abruzzo. Being 1421 meters above sea level, it is one of the highest positioned municipalities of Italy and stands out proudly among the Apennines. An important health and winter sports resort, Capracotta has two facilities one located in Prato Gentile for cross-country skiing the other in Monte Capraro for alpine skiing, the latter equipped with chair-lift. Prato Gentile has hosted the Italian Cross-Country skiing Championship in 1997.

How to reach us

from Rome (motorway A1)
head south towards Naples, take exit S. Vittore – follow signs indicating Isernia North  SS 85 (highway) – continue towards  Vasto – junction Pescolanciano, continue towards Capracotta (distance from S.Vittore (motorway A1) 70 kilometers)

from  Naples (motorway A1)
head north towards Rome, take exit Caianello – follow signs indicating Isernia North SS 85 (highway) – continue towards Vasto – junction Pescolanciano,  continue towards Capracotta (distance from Caianello (motorway A1)  75 kilometers)

from Pescara and Bari (motorway A14)
from Pescara head South / from Bari head North, take exit  Vasto Sud (motorway A14) – follow signs indicating Isernia – junction Pescolanciano, continue towards  Capracotta (distance from  Vasto Sud (motorway A14) 84 kilometers)