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Hotel Capracotta and  Albergo Conte Max in winter

Capracotta, a well-known ski resort, offers two ski facilities for winter sports.
The first, for alpine skiing, is located approximately one kilometer from the edge of town and from Hotel Capracotta. A chair-lift and ski-lift in elevation serve the downhill ski paths of  Monte Civetta and Monte Capraro particularly suited for ski lessons, an activity carried out by professional instructors of the local Ski School.

The hotel offers its guests a shuttle service (fee to be paid) to reach the ski base area.  The snow Arena assigned to cross-country skiing  is located in Prato Gentile, a wide plateau at 1580 meters above sea level from which more than fifteen kilometers of ski paths among the most beautiful in Italy wind out. Submerged in the forest, on the side-lines of Monte Campo, these ski paths have hosted the Italian Cross-Country Skiing Championship in 1997 and the Continental Cup of the same sport discipline in 2004.